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Welcome to my online gallery!

I’m a freelance photographer specializing in landscapes and nature. My journey into photography started many years ago using a first gen HP point and shoot with a 1 second shutter lag. After a business trip to Egypt and Israel. I came back with average snap shots or even some blurred images I was frustrated and felt that I missed a huge opportunity being in those countries and not capturing what I saw. A month later I had an encounter with a rare thunder storm where I took 30 hand held images of a lightning bolt in my boxer shorts – I captured only 1 image and it was awesome… at that moment, I was captivated, profoundly changed. I realized that I had to get a better camera to learn and achieve better images. I acquired my first DSLR and tripod in 2002 and this gallery is the result.

Living in Northern California with Yosemite in my backyard, I have the perfect place to photograph. I have spent a great deal of time there studying the valley and high country. The Sierra Nevada aptly named “the Range of Light” has the greatest potential to create some amazing images. You just need to be patient and have a good attitude. The images do not come easy. You have to work for them. A large portion of my gallery is from Yosemite or the Easter Sierra. I usually look for inclement weather prior to going. Sunny days with clear blue skies are boring for a landscape photographer. I look for clouds, clearing storms or unique compositions.

Feel free to look through each gallery and contact me if you have any questions or comments or if you would like a print or commercial license for publication.

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